60 years young and doing yoga

I’m new to Yoga and in my early 60s. I should have started this 40 years ago. However, in two short months I have noticed improvements. My goals are to improve my range of motion, fitness and experience another form of spirituality. I cannot imagine a more caring group of staff and instructors than those of Healthletica. I have only participated in the Monday to Wednesday evening classes and each class has afforded me a different experience. All of the instructors whom I have met have helped me to learn the poses and for those poses I cannot do, adapt those poses to my abilities and limits so that I may benefit and not hurt myself. As a beginner, I really appreciate the verbal cues and when necessary the hands-on adjustments that have corrected my posture and prevented injury.
I am deeply grateful to the staff and instructors for helping me on my path to achieving my goals.

Bill Mills, Member at Healthletica

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