Weight Training & Yoga

The benefits of combining traditional yoga practice with weight training to create a healthy, balanced regimen.

Many studies express that a lack of exercise can lead to muscle mass decline beginning at early ages in life. Staying sedentary can lead to losing approximately 30 percent of your muscle mass by the age of 70, as well as drastic decreases in flexibility and functional mobility.

Weight training combined with a yoga practice can be a great way to maintain strength and flexibility as we age. Lifting weights 2-3 times per week builds muscle and helps to maintain bone density, while yoga improves core strength, balance and flexibility. Adding weight training to your routine will also give you extra stamina for your yoga practice, especially if you are naturally flexible, but struggle to build strength.

It is important to introduce your body to new challenges to avoid hitting a training plateau. Combining these two training techniques will allow you to fulfill all of the essential elements of physical fitness to obtain an optimal health status.

Taylor Wallace, Certified Personal Trainer, B.A.Sc in Kinesiology

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