Finding Your Resolution

What should I change about my life this new year? Changing our lives and making resolutions can happen at any time of the year. Sometimes the pressure that one puts on themselves at this time of year can be unrealistic.

This year let’s take a different approach, a progressive approach. Individuals always want to improve their well being, self concept and self esteem throughout the year and the goals that we strive to achieve need to uplift our spirits, not bring us to shame. It is important to set goals that are realistic and attainable so that they will benefit our lives and feed our growing need for happiness.

We also have to remember that no one is forcing us to change anything. Staying neutral may feel just as refreshing as making changes this year. The negative judgment that we place upon ourselves is truly toxic, so what ever you end up changing or not changing be proud of your accomplishments and trust in yourself that this year will be remarkable no matter what happens.

Natalie Carusi, Yoga Instructor at Healthletica

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