A Warm Welcome at Healthletica

I have been practicing Yoga at Healthletica for a few years now and can justly say, we are very blessed and extremely fortunate to have a place like Healthletica in Caledon, specifically in our small community of Bolton. Healthletica offers so much more than Yoga classes, they provide a wonderful community atmosphere, full of light and energy. When you walk into Healtletica you are immediately welcomed by glowing and radiant smiles from Jen and Rosie. The welcoming you feel creates the perfect mood to let everything go (stresses from the day) allowing you to really appreciate and enjoy your experience at Healthletica. Jen and Rosie’s wealth of knowledge is vast & expansive and the beauty of it is, they are always willing to share it with you. The teachers’ are remarkable, from their knowledge to their practice, always approachable and more than willing to assist. There is every sort of class you can ask for from beginner to experienced, seven days a week, that’s right seven days a week! Looking forward to a great 2015, and thank you Healthletica, Jen and Rosie and all the incredible teachers.

Franco Vaiano, member at Healthletica

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