Ahimsa (Kindness)

What does it take to be kind?

How does one show it to others? To yourself?

Kindness can come in many forms

Perhaps holding the door open

Maybe giving some spare change

Visiting a sick friend

Buying a small gift

Burying a grudge

Asking a stranger how their day is going

Asking someone how they are…..

And then actually listening to the answer

Doing more listening than talking

Taking better care of yourself

Don’t put off that visit to the doctor

Eating healthier foods

Walking instead of driving

Surprise someone with a thank-you note

Bring someone a cup of tea

Send flowers. Go to the spa

Get a new hairstyle. See a play

There are so many ways to practice kindness

You never know how the smallest action

One gesture, can change someone’s day,

Or even their life.

Just as the flapping of a butterfly’s wings can start a hurricane,

The smallest action can have far-reaching consequences,

Like dropping a stone in a pond, waves ripple out forever.

In your Yoga Practice, in your Life

Practice Kindness

- M. Sean Klady, Yoga Instructor at Healthletica


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