The clock strikes twelve…it’s official!  HAPPY NEW YEAR and WELCOME TO 2017! For some, it was just a simple opening of a brand new calendar. But for others, it meant so much more…a fresh start.  A new opportunity to eliminate bad habits, increase a healthier lifestyle and become totally excited for many new things to come.

Are YOU one of these types of people? Don’t deny it. Just admit it…YES that’s ME! Now that you’ve faced up to the fact, you will join the eager pack of 31% Canadians that is going to create a New Year’s Goal or two this year. Seems low in percentage though right? That’s because many people who first created New Year’s Resolutions in their past, unfortunately didn’t make it to the end of their year. The numbers have decreased over time, as faith & hope for Personal Development or Transformational Growth seems like an “impossible” task to accomplish. But I’m here to tell you that it’s NOT impossible to achieve what your mind/heart/body desires…as long as you believe that you can, with the right steps to follow.

Here are 7 important, yet simple ways to achieve your New Year’s Goals, as you first begin by saying the words “I AM POSSIBLE”…


You have an idea what you want to change/fix/improve in your life right? You’ve thought about it …morning and night, but don’t know where to start. First, take a deep breath in & out…and think about this…start treating your Resolutions as Goals instead. Resolutions have a history of often failing. They are too rigid and not flexible at all. Goals are more realistic for lasting change. You can break your goals up into baby steps. Once you’ve become accustomed to the first few steps of your goal, you’ll have the advantage of increasing it with difficulty as you wish. Remember, you’ve got to be challenged with your goals or else you’ll get bored with easily just receiving them.


What results do you wish to achieve with your New Year’s Goal(s)? Want to eat healthier? Want to quit smoking? Want to start exercising? Keep your future in mind. What’s the ultimate NY Goal that you want to work towards first? Write out all your NY Goals in detail, but by hand. There’s scientific proof that handwriting is more effective to connecting to your subconscious thoughts first, than typing your personal words out. Show details. Describe how you will look, feel, act etc. when you accomplish that specific goal, ex. “I will feel healthier when I eat more vegetables each day”. Think about what you want to add to your life, rather than take away from it. What positive changes do you desire? 2017 marks a “1 Universal Year” which means = New Beginnings.  It’s the start of a new 9-year cycle in our lives.  This means what SEEDS (goals) we start to PLANT into our lives this year, we will be able to grow and flourish into our GARDEN of LIFE for the next 9 years. Time to use your individual talents and manifest what you really want to bring into your life starting now.


Nothing comes easily as I’m sure you’ve heard. If you want something so much, you’re going to have to work for it right? Achieving your NY Goals is no exception. Time to clearly define your goals and be specific. Break your goals into smaller categories first, by simply separating your Personal Goals with your Professional Goals. Next you’ll need to create a POA = Plan of Action and start working backwards. Where do you see yourself in 9 years from now? What needs to be done to get there? Move step by step from your future, back to where you are right now. Fill in what you can.  Let the universe do its magic. Avoid focusing on old goals that you know, you really don’t see for yourself, just to please others.  This is about YOU and what YOU want in your life.  Focus on Positive Changes, goals that are really important for you-Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually and Financially.


Now that you wrote all your goals out, decide which goal(s) to work on THIS year. Start thinking what’s THE most important one to work on first. Ex. Is your health at risk? Do you need to lower your blood pressure? How’s your stress management? Remember without your health & wellness being taken cared of first, your existence here on earth and the other goals you wish to achieve will not be important. Start by breaking your Health Goals into smaller tasks. Work on one thing at a time, step by step. Remember KISS = Keep It Simple Sexy! It’s important that you put effort and have desire for each little step you take. Track your progress and see how you’re doing and how far you have come. Reward yourself. Give yourself a treat! You’ve take the first steps to Personal Development so go ahead and SMILE! Each little progress in the right direction means you are getting closer to achieving your NY Goal(s).


But what if you were too tired to workout at the gym one night, do you give up on your Get Fit Goal? No! Remind yourself in the mirror, that YOU are doing the best that you can, each and every day, with what you have to work with. Progress takes time. Changes happen but Transformational Growth doesn’t happen overnight. Remember to breathe in & out and relax. Personal Development should be something that you want & desire and not something that feels like a chore. You can’t do everything perfect each day-you’re only human. Setbacks may happen, but remember tomorrow is another day. It’s another fresh start for you to begin once again with your goals that you wish and get closer to achieving positive changes in your life. Have patience. Remember “if you BELIEVE it, you CAN achieve it.”


Often people fail at achieving their NY Resolutions or NY Goals because they feel they’re all alone and no one understands them. They think they’re the only ones taking this leap to make a positive change. Yet, there’s always been someone else who’s gone first before them, who’s tried to do the same thing, at least once before. Do the research, dig deep. Ask around-family, friends, co-workers, anyone who has had the same issue-ex. wanting to quit smoking. Check out references-Health Practitioners, Wellness Studios, and other professionals. Talk about it on social media. There are many ways to gather support, advice and help to focus on achieving your NY Goal(s) this year, ex. reaching out to the staff/management at HEALTHLETICA. There are qualified people here to listen, guide and help you with your fitness & health goals. Broadcast your plans. Be accountable. Your inner circle of loving members within, want to see you achieve successfully in 2017. Just ask for anyone’s help.


You’ve been following the past six ways to achieving your NY Goals and are getting more inspired about your future. You’ve seen the improvements that time, dedication and responsibility can make. Now it’s time for YOU to jump up & shout “Bring It On Baby!” or “I AM Ready for Positive Change!”  Time to get excited about achieving your NY Goals. Be unique. Create a Vision Board for yourself that will make you SMILE & feel STRONG each time you look at it-in the AM and in the PM. Use positive self-talk daily. Show LOVE towards yourself every day, even if faced with a challenge. Develop a Positive Mindset that will keep you going on. Use Affirmations to help you-Say them out loud. Think in the present tense for what you want to achieve in the future. Be thankful for it. Feel gratitude now and for your gratitude intentions. They will magnify.

As life is meant to be an adventure, so take the steps to explore it!  There is nothing that you can’t achieve if you really truly want it in your life. Create NY Goals. Visualize your future. Create a Plan. Have Patience. Get Support & show Gratitude. Remember, for each time that you fall down in life, there is only one way back UP again. Feed YOUR SEEDS in your GARDEN and watch them grow in time. YOU are the Gardener of YOUR life and YOU hold the TOOLS to become successful today, tomorrow and years to come. ENJOY PLANTING!

- Written by: Nikki-Monique, Meditation Coach at Healthletica, Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Practitioner, Specialized Fitness Instructor

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