Winter Solstice

It is said that “Life is a Wheel”. For centuries, a wheel has been used to represent the changing, temporary nature of all that is. Fortune, happiness, love, health, sorrow, pain, hurt, despair in the bigger scheme of things, are fleeting. A turn of the wheel.

If a wheel is to represent life, then surely it deserves a closer look. What can we observe? The wheel is a circle, no beginning and no end. If left to spin, it would turn in endless motion. A fraction at a time touches the earth and yet it is always grounded. If spinning fast enough, it gives the illusion of not moving at all. At the centre is the axis – which supports the wheels entire movement-its very function-and yet is utterly still. The stillness is what gives the wheel its strength. Our stillness is what gives us our strength as well.

Life, death, rebirth in an unbroken cycle. And the stillness.

The seasons also move in this endless cycle. Again, we find ourselves in the depths of winter. Flowers have died off, trees are laid bare and nature sleeps tenderly covered by a blanket of snow. In winter, the cycle of life returns to stillness. And it is from the stillness that everything is reborn. When we flow with nature, winter is for us a time of stillness. A time to turn inward and away from the world. A time to look deep within ourselves with love and compassion. To find the stillness which gives everything life.

If seasons are metaphors for the cycle of life, then winter is death. All things laid to rest. Covered.

The Winter Solstice approaches and darkness falls-the longest night. The wheel turns.

Days slowly get longer. We contemplate, are silent but now there is a glimmer of hope as each day brings new light. Look deeper my friends. Who knows what treasures we will find within our stillness?

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer” –Albert Camus

- Written by Pina Marino


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