The partners

Jennifer DiGregorio

Honours Graduate, Bachelor of Physical Education and Health, University of Toronto
Certificate in Business Management, Ryerson University

Jennifer is an unusually highly qualified Health Coach as well as a seasoned businessperson. She spent five years as a personal trainer and strength and conditioning specialist at U of T. For many years, she also ran her own business providing onsite personal training in client’s homes and workplaces.

A dedicated Health Coach, she takes great pride in having improved the quality of life of many of her clients and has taught them valuable skills they can use throughout their lives, enabling them to adopt healthier lifestyles and encouraging them to continue pre-existing healthy habits.

As one client attests: “I came to realize that I was in bad shape, physically and mentally. As luck would have it, I met Jennifer DiGregorio and my lifestyle change began…I can confidently say that I look and feel better now than I have in ten years… Jennifer is a passionate, intelligent, inspirational coach. Any individual who has the good fortunate to work with Jennifer should consider themselves extremely lucky…”

Jennifer’s business acumen and energy will be essential in ensuring that the studio is an enduring success.

Learn more about Jennifer’s Lifestyle Change Program here.

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Rosie Posca

Certified Exercise Physiologist, Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology
Certification in fitness assessment and exercise counselling
BA in Kinesiology & Health Science, York University

Rosie’s academic and practical credentials are the highest that can be attained in the field of personal training. As a certified exercise physiologist, she is qualified to prescribe conditioning exercises for apparently healthy individuals as well as for those with known medical disorders, functional limitations or disabilities associated with musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary, metabolic, neuromuscular, and age-related conditions. This not only makes her a rarity in the Caledon area, it makes her a valuable resource for physicians who want peace of mind when they want their patients to engage in a safe exercise program tailored to their specific situation.

Rosie began her career as a fitness specialist at Ryerson University, then spent 20 years heading up the physical activity programs at York University. Most recently, she had the opportunity to do the same at the University of Toronto. She’s taught fitness and wellness certificate programs at the university level and has acquired nearly 20 different professional certifications and specialty certificates including yoga, pilates, pre- and post-natal fitness, aqua fitness, CPR-C and standard first aid.

She is a member of The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology and the Ontario Society for Health and Fitness. Healthletica Wave is largely the result of her deep understanding of exercise physiology and knowledge of the latest research and development in the field.