Healthletica Wave

Healthletica Wave, our progressive ”workout” form of hot yoga, is a powerful flow of yoga poses designed to build strength and improve stability, flexibility and balance. It’s a challenging and exhilarating form of yoga that gets your heart pumping while it calms your mind and reduces stress.

For tips on choosing the class that’s right for you, go to Finding Your Wave.

Infrared heat at body temperature: the Healthletica Wave difference

At Healthletica Hot Yoga & Wellness, our heat isn’t extreme. We don’t let room temperatures exceed normal body temperatures. We keep the studio at a steady 35-37º Celsius, the optimal temperature for reaping all the benefits of hot yoga.

We also use safe, effective infrared heat—the same heat source that hospitals use to keep premature babies warm in their incubators, and the same radiant heat we get from the sun.

Infrared heat is the heat that our bodies find easiest to absorb and process.

Because it is a pure, dry heat, warming you but not the air surrounding you, it is easier to tolerate than traditional heating systems. (Traditional heat sources add humidity to the air, which makes exertion hard to endure and which supports the growth of mold, mildew and the fungus that causes athlete’s foot, which often occurs in hot yoga studios that haven’t been professionally designed and purpose-built.)