Laser Therapy

Laser and light therapy is a physical modality that produces photons of energy between the visible red and infrared spectrum (600 nm and 950 nm) that have proven to penetrate tissue and be absorbed at a cellular level.

A series of photochemical reactions occur resulting in enhanced tissue healing, pain control and stimulation of the vascular, immune and lymphatic systems.

It is the only therapeutic modality with a cumulative effect in cells and tissue. Light is absorbed at a cellular level resulting in increased production of nitric oxide and ATP, as well as changes in cell membrane permeability.

This provides additional energy to assist the body to heal itself and support cells to function optimally, resulting in:

  • Increased blood flow (microcirculation)
  • ¬†Accelerated healing process
  • Reduced acute or chronic pain
  • Greater tensile strength in tissue repair
  • Decreased edema and inflammation
  • Formation of new blood and lymphatic vessels

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