Myomassology is the holistic version of massage therapy. It incorporates reflexology, massage, craniosacral therapy, tui na and fire cupping to treat the client’s needs.

Massage can help people manage or eliminate many types of pain from neck and low back pain, discomfort due to sciatica, slipped or bulging discs, thoracic outlet and many other common causes of pain. Massage has many benefits aside from pain relief including:

  • lymphatic drainage (filter out toxins)
  • stress reduction
  • promotes relaxation
  • relieves tight muscles
  • aids in muscle recovery
  • help increase range of motion
  • decreases the stiffness of joints
  • helps the body heal itself
  • improves circulation
  • return function to digestive organs

Rachel Muraca, Certified Myomassology Practitioner (C.M.P).

Rachel uses massage and techniques such as contraction release therapy to relieve tight muscles and alleviate pain. Combined with other modalities she promotes balance and wellness in peoples lives.

“Through my own personal experience with chronic pain, I have explored the area of alternative medicine. I finally found something that made sense and worked too! It looked at the body as a whole, as the sum of all your parts and thought – I must learn this to help others like me! ”

Rachel graduated from Aromatica: Centre for Natural Therapies and Holistic Study with a diploma in Myomassology. She belongs to the Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners with a designation of Certified Myomassology Practitioner (C.M.P).

In additon, Rachel has a passion for fitness and became a certified canfitpro Personal Training Specialist (PTS).

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