14 Day Cleanse

The basis of the cleanse is eliminating all allergenic foods such as wheat, gluten, dairy, alcohol and caffeine. It teaches you how to build well balanced meals, gives you new food options, simple and delicious recipes and a guide that you can use in your daily life even when you are done cleansing. The cleanse is friendly to individuals who are paleo, vegan or vegetarian. The duration is 14 days (which is an optimal time to detox toxins, allergens and withdrawal from any addictive substances ex: coffee)

The cleanse holds you accountable so that you will stay on track with clean eating and gives you the support you need along the way. This includes daily e-mails, two phone calls and access to two highly qualified Holistic Nutritionists (Melody and Jenn).

What it will do for you is trim your waist line, help you to sleep better, remove toxic load build up and increase overall energy. During the beginning you may feel some detox symptoms. These symptoms include headache, nausea, low energy or some skin breakouts. These are all common symptoms and will pass as you progress through the cleanse.

Our goal is to help people reset. We don’t believe in restriction or counting calories. Educating people to adapt new health principles is what we want to bring to the table.

$125/person. Call 905-951-6494 or email to get started.

Melody Quinlan

Honours Graduate, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Institute of Holistic Nutrition

Encouraging others to take the path less traveled

Melody believes that it is important to remain authentic to who we are, to look at the world with observant and optimistic eyes, and to break down barriers and remove labels.

If you are looking to lose weight, balance hormones, decrease inflammation,  improve energy levels, combat allergies, achieve fitness goals, increase your healthy food consumption, or have a good night sleep; she is here to help.

Melody infuses 3 forms of nutrition into her practice; physical, mental and spiritual. She uses client history, blood type referencing, Ayurvedic medicine principals, and symptomology to provide a full spectrum nutritional assessment. She creates individualized health and wellness programs that include meal plans, supplementation protocols, goal coaching and lifestyle recommendations; based on the holistic model. Melody empowers her clients to take an against the grain approach to life, to feel vibrant and make the changes that are required for optimal living.

What services will offer:

  • Help you to define your goals (nutritional, fitness and emotional )
  • Create an action plan to achieve these goals with a nutritional and supplementation protocol
  • Help you visualize what the end result will look like
  • Provide you with support and motivation
  • Identify the best foods and holistic practices to help you achieve your health and wellness goals
  • Exercise and lifestyle recommendations

Initial Intake (1-2 hours) – $195 + HST

Follow-up appointments – $85 + HST

Call 905-951-6494 or email to book an appointment.