Will Guan

Registered Physiotherapist, College of Physiotherapists of Ontario
Affiliated with the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (Orthopedic Div.)
MSc, Physiotherapy, McMaster University
BA, Honours, Kinesiology & Health Science, York University (Dean’s List, Scholarship)

Will helps patients reduce their pain and improve their strength, balance, flexibility and range of motion by enhancing the body’s ability to heal itself.

In his practice at Healthletica, he assesses patients’ needs and prescribes therapeutic exercises for them to execute under the careful supervision of a specially qualified exercise specialist. This can take place in personalized one-on-one sessions or in small groups of patients with the same therapeutic needs (e.g., injury prevention or chronic conditions like Parkinson’s disease). At regular intervals, he checks on his patients’ progress and adjusts their exercise plan as needed.

  • He can help athletes and non-athletes recover from musculoskeletal injuries.
  • He can help patients correct postural problems, relieve chronic back pain and recuperate from carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive stress injuries.
  • He can help improve the quality of life of patients with neurological conditions like Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and polyneuropathy.
  • He can help patients who have had surgery, heart attacks or strokes regain their strength and mobility.
  • He can prescribe and monitor special exercise programs for patients with diabetes and high blood pressure.

He can also assess and prescribe therapeutic devices such as orthotics and braces.

Will has practiced in hospital settings with the Niagara Health System in Niagara Falls and with the Hotel Dieu Shaver Foundation in St. Catharines, as well as in private practice and sports medicine clinics in Georgetown, Hamilton, Burlington and Etobicoke. In 2014, Will was inducted into the Canadian Physiotherapy Association Congress, and presented a research paper on the treatment of a patient with severe morbid obesity.

A longtime yoga practitioner, Will believes in yoga as a therapeutic tool and is taking further training so he can prescribe therapeutic yoga poses for patients who could benefit from them, either in private sessions or in small classes tailored to specific needs (e.g., back pain).

Will can provide receipts for MVA, WSIB, private insurance plans and for income tax purposes.

To make an appointment for an initial assessment, please call 905-951-6494 or email us at

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