I have been practicing Yoga at Healthletica for a few years now and can justly say, we are very blessed and extremely fortunate to have a place like Healthletica in Caledon, specifically in our small community of Bolton. Healthletica offers so much more than Yoga classes, they provide a wonderful community atmosphere, full of light and energy. When you walk into Healtletica you are immediately welcomed by glowing and radiant smiles from Jen and Rosie. The welcoming you feel creates the perfect mood to let everything go (stresses from the day) allowing you to really appreciate and enjoy your experience at Healthletica. Jen and Rosie’s wealth of knowledge is vast & expansive and the beauty of it is, they are always willing to share it with you. The teachers’ are remarkable, from their knowledge to their practice, always approachable and more than willing to assist. There is every sort of class you can ask for from beginner to experienced, seven days a week, that’s right seven days a week! Looking forward to a great 2015, and thank you Healthletica, Jen and Rosie and all the incredible teachers.

- Franco Vaiano, Jan 2015

I was lucky enough to have been able to participate in pre-natal yoga while pregnant with my first baby. As a relatively healthy person prior to becoming pregnant I knew I wanted to do something to keep me feeling fit, despite my growing belly. I was able to continue working out through my pregnancy a few days a week. But what helped me the most was the pre-natal yoga. If you ask Rosie, she will tell you that the only reason I wanted to do the classes, at first were to meet new moms in Bolton. (She probably still has my first email to her). What I got out of the classes were beyond my expectations. I was able to keep my flexibility, stay fit and meet some amazing new friends.  The flexibility ended up to be incredibly helpful during my labour but also when I returned home from the hospital. I was able to keep my low squat and headstand through to the end of my third trimester. My labour experience was easier than I could have ever hoped. The doctors were impressed with my breathing, concentration and of course, flexibility. Each week, Rosie pushed us individually, wherever each of us were challenged in our own practice. As we grew (physically) we struggled to do certain positions but knew the importance of continuing practicing at least once per week. I would highly recommend participating in the pre-natal yoga class. Not only have I met some great friends, but I continue to feel good about myself two months after having my son. I will never forget Rosie’s  killer side savasanah’s even though we moaned and groaned each week. Thank you so much for such a memorable experience.

- Catie Ferguson, Oct 2015

This place is great! Very professional and knowledgeable staff that challenge you and help you reach your goals. As a newbie to the hot yoga scene I would highly recommend Healthletica to those out there thinking of trying out hot yoga for the first time.

- Mike Godfrey, Oct 2014

Excellent studio. I’ve been to many and found this one very well organized, clean, and I have a good ‘Zen’ feeling about it. Teachers are fantastic and everyone working there are professional with great customer service attitude. The idea about kids and teenage yoga is great! I would highly recommend this studio to my friends and family. Namaste

- Smiljka Vidas, Oct 2014

I have been attending for over a year now and have loved every class I have attended. The instructors are very knowledgeable, professional and approachable. Regardless of the day or time slot each class offers something different – I never get bored and I am reaping the benefits as my upper body strength and my flexibility have made great improvements; especially my feet. I used to not be able to walk in bare feet without pain and now I don’t even think twice about it. It took me a long time to take up yoga; now I will always include it as part of my fitness and well being regime.

- Ann Smith, Oct 2014

“I am truly blessed to have Yoga back in my life! After several years of sporadically practising Yoga on my own or at gym classes, I have finally returned to a studio. I am thrilled to be a part of Healthletica. Our Yoga teachers are all friendly and helpful, focused and happy. I learn something new in every single class. The studio is beautiful and modern. My eight and nine year old children have started practising yoga here as well, wow they sure are calm on Wednesday nights! I am so passionate about Healthletica Hot Yoga + Wellness that I will contribute what I can to promote Yoga in our community. I am so very grateful for our teachers, our studio and the practise of yoga! Its great to be back to a beautiful studio after 10 years!”

- Sharla Roche, May 2013

“Spring is here and with the longer days I find myself drawn to the garden. Gardening has always provided me with a great sense of pleasure but also a certain amount of pain. Long hours spent bent over cleaning, pruning, digging and planting leave my muscles and joints aching.  But something changed this year! In November I joined hot yoga at The Healthletica Bolton studio. Wanting to escape cold frosty nights I decided to give it a try and little did I know the impact my practices would have. I have been taught many things in the last five months but I never thought I would bring yoga into the garden! Clearing my mind, keeping my core strong and counter balancing long held positions have enhanced every essence of the feelings I get while spending hours in the garden. Not to mention, this spring for the first time in over 20 years I am virtually pain free! Thank you to all the wonderful people at Heathletica for their kindness and patience and for inspiring in me a renewed passion for growth within the garden and myself.”

- Cindy Barratt, May 2013

“My name is Ken Cox and I reside near Palgrave.   I am in my late fifties and one of my passions is running and when I am not competing in races, I am meeting with friends for training runs on the trails.    Through this passion, I have read about how many runners have turned to Hot Yoga as part of their regimen and had become curious about Hot Yoga.

Then, in May of 2012, one of my running friends, Sabrina, mentioned she was a practitioner of Hot Yoga and was enjoying the benefits it provided for her running.  So, on her urging, I met Rosie and Jennifer at Healthletica in Bolton and through an assessment I was encouraged to begin with the Yin Wave Session.

One of the areas of concern for runners is the “tightness” the body experiences and stretching is an important part of training.  My first session was quite an experience!   I realized quickly how tight I really was in my hips, my various muscle groups, especially the hamstrings and connective tissue.  I found myself getting more blocks during that first session to help me modify poses so my body would have a starting point.  I joked, at first, that it was like building a chair for me to sit on!

Sophia, my trainer, was so patient and continued to tell everyone in each session that you have to use your breathing to help the body relax through the discomfort so the body could progress and that we needed to be patient with ourselves and not get frustrated.   I looked around the group of practitioners and realized she was saying this for the benefit of me!  At first, I could not sit straight up with my legs out in front of me on the mat.  My hamstrings and hips would not allow me to just sit in a comfortable sitting position.  That’s a different story a year later!

I found great energy at these sessions and received encouragement every week from Sophia and the team at Healthletica.   I continued to work on the relaxation through breathing as I worked on holding the poses each week.   Then, at one session, it happened.   I finally felt the body relax in the poses through the breathing.   I then began to see progress as I removed one block and then another over the months.   Finally, one session arrived and as I began to move into the shoelace pose, I thought that I felt relaxed enough through my hips that I would try to go into the pose without the last block to sit on.   I slowly lowered all the way to the floor in the seated position!   I saw the smile on Sophia’s face as this happened – a major breakthrough for me was my thought!  I was extremely energized by the moment.

Still there were challenges with other poses remaining where my body was still too tight or not open enough to allow me to move past a certain point.   That is alright as I learned through the course of the months.   It is the practice that is important.   Then, little wins began to happen almost weekly.   I began to move into the poses further one by one.   Rosie would comment after sessions about my progress and Sophia would show excitement about how far I had come and would beam with each little win!

Today, one year later, I still have tight hamstrings and hips from the running, but, I feel much more flexible in both areas as a result of Yin Wave.   I now have a few poses that I look forward to each week.   The following are the three favorite poses of mine and why they became my favorites.

Shoelace:  As I mentioned, this was the first pose that I felt and saw good progression in and had the first big win.  I enjoy the benefits it gives me for stretching the connective tissues around the hips and into the thighs and hamstrings.  I am still progressing in this pose and moving further into it as my body relaxes more in the pose and that continues to drive the excitement and positive energy.

Pigeon (moving into Sleeping Swan):  This pose was my second big win when I was able to achieve the upright position without the use of a block under me for support of the tight areas.   I enjoy this as well for the benefits and the fact that I have progressed to the point of being able to move forward into the sleeping swan.  The excitement that came from the reduction of discomfort and finding a relaxed state during the pose through breathing added to my enjoyment.

Frog:  I was surprised by this pose becoming one of my favorites.  At first, I felt like I would never see the day when my connective tissue and hips would open up enough to allow me to bring myself down off my elbows/forearms.  Then at one practice, I felt that my legs/knees were actually further apart and so I slowly lowered myself to a position where I could bring my torso down and stretch my arms out a bit in front of me.  I couldn’t believe it!   Then, little by little the hips opened up more and more.   These were small gains but, eventually I could bring my torso down to the floor and begin to work on relaxing and moving the knees out further. Again, another win that didn’t go unnoticed by the team and there was shared excitement about the progress!   I look forward to this pose each week to challenge myself further and practice more on relaxing through breathing to allow the body to move further into this pose.

I find that I have made tremendous strides in:

Calming and balancing to the mind and body

More flexibility in joints and connective tissue

Lowering stress levels

Achieving greater stamina

Recently, in a conversation with Jennifer, I realized a couple more benefits from the practice have been; quicker recovery time from strenuous running workouts, fewer injuries (with shorter recovery) and interestingly, my immune system seems more robust and I do not pick up ailments others are suffering from!

I am so thankful to my friend Sabrina, who recommended I try Hot Yoga.  Thank you to Rosie, Jennifer, Julie, Sophia and the other trainers I have met at Healthletica this past year for the encouragement and high energy and positivity you provide.  I would never have imagined that I would have progressed to this point or would receive so many benefits from the practice.   Thanks to my fellow practitioners who share their energy with me each week!”

- Ken Cox, May 2013

“I have been attending Healthletica Hot Yoga classes now for about a year. After my one month trial, I joined for three months, and now I’m an annual member. I love the calm feeling of being revitalized after class. All staff members – including the owners Rosie and Jennifer – are so friendly and care about your well-being. I would recommend Healthletica to anyone who wants to feel rejuvenated, develop better flexibility and inner strength, and overall feel good about themselves.”

- Diane Forrester, January 2013