Specialty classes

All of the classes below take place in a non-heated studio.

X-Fit Smart: Group Functional Training Class

The X-Fit Smart Program consists of one minute strength and conditioning stations with 15 second rest periods between stations. Classes will focus in on full body functional exercises and get your heart pumping at the same time.

X-Fit Smart is a group-based workout which employs a variety of functional and yoga movement patterns to create well rounded fitness for all bodies. Partners will be used to cultivate a fun environment, teamwork and motivation.

This type of training will prepare you for common exertions in your everyday life (ie: lifting, turning, squatting).  It will zero in on real-life functional problems and solutions that require movements using more than one muscle at a time. It is also designed to enhance your yoga practice, making you stronger and more conditioned to challenge your personal best in every yoga class.

Maximum of 6 members in each class, so be sure to sign-up in advance. Warm-up and cool-down is included.

Date + time: Wednesdays  at 6:45pm


1 year members + monthly auto-renew members – no charge

Non-members (including class pass holders) – $20

Meditation Classes

We all need a break from the chitter chatter that takes place upstairs. Our meditation classes will allow you to breath, quiet your mind and begin to rewire your brain so you are better equipped to deal with daily life stressors.

This class focuses on the healing power of the breath and incorporates Kundalini style breathing techniques (pranayam), a short exercise set (kriya), deep relaxation, chanting, and meditation to powerfully shift your state of being.

All levels are welcome.

Date + time: Thursdays at 7:15pm. Sign-up through our online schedule.


1 year members + monthly auto-renew members  – no charge

Non-members (including class pass holders) – $20 

Kids Yoga

Children are often over-stimulated by television, computer games and the hectic pace of today’s lifestyle, and therefore benefit greatly from the focus and gentleness of yoga practice. Children who practice yoga are better able to manage their emotions, deal with stress and calm themselves.

Join us for a fun, creative and energetic yoga class that will give children simple tools to stay strong, increase self-confidence, calm their mind and uplift their spirit. (This class will be non-heated and is limited to 8 spots only)

What they will learn:

  • Yoga postures that stimulate adventure, creativity and fun at any age
  • Stretching and relaxation that develop enjoyment toward physical activity
  • Better focus, respect and appreciation for body awareness, mind and spirit
  • Non-competitive physical activity towards a healthy lifestyle

Date + time: Saturdays 9am. Email us to reserve a spot.

Pricing: 10 classes for $100 or $15 drop-in

Prenatal Yoga

Healthletica’s Prenatal Yoga classes will cover the foundations of prenatal yoga including breathing, postures and alignment, stretching and relaxation as well as releasing tension of the spine and pelvic floor. Regular participation in prenatal classes will not only help you stay in shape throughout your pregnancy, but it will help prepare you for the birthing process by teaching you how to reduce labour-associated with tension and anxiety.

Learn how to tap into your own labour tools and bring them with you on your journey into motherhood.

Non-heated studio. Contact us if you’re interested in starting classes or private sessions!

Date + time: Mondays at 6:45pm.

Pricing: 10 classes for $180 or drop-in $20

View our current prenatal classes here.

Mind + Body Fitness for Athletes

This is an innovative training plan designed to improve an athlete’s speed, strength, core and flexibility while calming the mind. This program can help to minimize athlete’s recovery time, from both injuries and stiffness, due to the demands their sport has put on them.

What we offer:

  • Sport Stretch classes incorporating yoga poses and philosophy. Our state-of-the-art yoga studio is heated with an advanced radiant heating system. Our instructors are qualified experts in the field of total mind/body training. (Heat is optional)
  • One-on-one sport specific training with a highly qualified personal trainer

Take that next step and allow your team and athletes to reach a higher level of performance while developing important tools that will assist them in all aspects of their lives!