Yoga accessories

Love My Mat – organic yoga mat cleaner

Restore, refresh and disinfect your yoga mat with this citrus, lavender and tea tree spray made completely organic.

This mat cleaner disinfects your mat using only water & USDA certified organic products.

-      Safe for daily use on all yoga products

-      Quick-dry, no wipe

-      Child, pet and food safe

For more information, check out the Love My Mat website here.

120ml – $13.00 pre-tax, 240ml – $18.00 pre-tax (for purchase in studio)

YogaTrax Towel

Get your traction under control with YogaTrax; a towel that helps improve your grip and keeps you and your mat dry during your hot yoga class.

Provides ultimate traction during hot yoga. The traction control surface creates stability which helps you achieve the best workouts. The soft, absorbent microfiber fabric also helps keep you dry. This towel provides an essential hygienic barrier between your body and mat and care is simple; just machine wash with like colours, tumble dry and you’re ready to get your hot yoga on!

$40.00 pre-tax (for purchase in studio)

Yoga Block

Ease into difficult poses by stretching and aligning your body with no strain using your very own yoga block.

Having your own block can be great for when you do yoga at home.

-      100% cork

-      100% renewable resource and solid stability

-      Smooth texture

-      Rounded edges for extra comfort

3” – $23.00 pre-tax, 4” – $24.00 pre-tax (for purchase in studio)

Yoga Strap

Go deeper into your poses and have extra support using a yoga strap.

This strap can help you by encouraging you to go deeper into familiar poses as well as to try ones you find too difficult. It will provide extra support while maintaining proper alignment in your poses.

-      100% Natural Cotton

-      High quality, extra durable cotton fabric

-      Anti-Slip cinch buckle

-      Maximum comfort prevents restricted circulation

$10.95 pre-tax (for purchase in studio)

Karma clothing

Live an active lifestyle everyday in fashion-forward clothes made for you.

Karma creates and shares ideas for an active lifestyle every day.

They proudly design and make their products in Canada. Shop fashion-driven, high quality, designer active wear for yoga, running, cycling and fitness here at Healthletica.