Yoga therapist

Fortunata McConkey

Certified Yoga Therapist & Registered Yoga Trainer
Former Research Scientist
Fortunata learned the hard way about the effects of stress on the body and how the mind can manifest its ailments physically.

The pressures of her previous career as a research scientist drove her to take up yoga again in 2003.

It was a life-changing experience and spurred her to set out to spread the word and help others find balance in their lives.

After attaining an advanced 500-hour Registered Yoga Trainer certification, she took up the study of therapeutic yoga with Susi Hately of Functional Synergy to get her Yoga Therapist Certification.

She specializes in working with people who are shifting to a healthier lifestyle. Combining yoga with a unique approach to yoga therapy, she helps support them in achieving a more balanced life as well as greater mobility, strength and stability.