Autumnal Equinox

September arrives, you wake up one morning and the light seems a little different. Slanted? Almost imperceptible and yet…the air feels crisper and days grow shorter. The unsettled feelings from the solar eclipse in August have begun to weaken. We have seen the beautiful full moon on the night of the 6th.  The Corn Moon, the Wine Moon. When the moon is closest to the equator either in September or October-it’s called the Harvest Moon. This year, our Harvest Moon will appear in October-a giant yellow orb shining her light over farmer’s fields so they can harvest and work well into the night.

September marks beginnings…the start of school for many and the rest of us returning to our routines.  It is also the month of preparation. We mulch and feed our gardens in preparation for the next planting season; plant bulbs for spring; prepare our homes and buildings for winter.  Close the cottage and the pool; prepare to put our motorbikes and classic cars in storage; pull out the winter clothes and blankets for a good clean.

Not surprisingly, fall ranks as a favourite season for many who love big sweaters, fall colours, thanksgiving and pumpkin spice.  Yes-pumpkin spice-it brought in almost 500 million in sales last year! .   And although pumpkin spice fills the air earlier and earlier each year, fall officially arrives on the autumnal equinox – the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator – the imaginary line in the sky above the Earth’s equator. At the equinox, the Sun shines upon the full face of the Earth creating equal day and night (not exactly…but really close).

This year, the autumnal equinox arrives precisely at 4:02 p.m. (EDT) on Friday, September 22 in Toronto. Equinoxes happen at the same moment all over the world. The Sun will rise precisely due East and will set precisely due West. By watching the sun as it travels this path on September 22, you can observe that precise east and west point on the horizon for your location, no matter where you are, (except if you are on the North or South Pole).  “Pick a landmark, make a mental note, and enjoy the knowledge that while so much in this world is in flux, the sun is constant and will return to its perfect East and West on the days of equinox.”

Spiritually, autumn begins our descent into darkness as days get shorter and shorter until they meet the winter solstice.  ‘Darkness approaches’ it says, and although foreboding, it reminds us that we also have a dark side, a shadow side which we often try to cover up with our own autumn colours.  The trees create a brilliant display-as if to help us forget that the cold and death of winter are near. We do the same-we cover up feelings we call ‘negative’-OUR darkness-and put on brilliant shows for the outside world to see. But as the beautifully coloured leaves must finally flutter to the ground so must the masks we wear.  Some trees let go naturally and their leaves gently fill paths and lawns while others hang on tight only to have their leaves blown away in the wind and storms of November.  Denial?  Midlife crisis? Lack of self-love? Another lesson from nature-which tree will we be?

September also brings endings. Bittersweet endings perhaps, my loves…but endings always bring new beginnings.  Is it time to “clean house”? Say goodbye to what no longer serves you and make room for something new? Say, thank you and let it go. Why do you keep old, broken things? Even old feelings-it happened so long ago-do you really feel the same as you did back then?  Is it time to sort out your personal business? What promises did you make to yourself in January? You planted seeds for your dreams-where are they now?  Have you dug and watered and pruned and encouraged your seeds? Your dreams. Or did you give up, tell yourself they were silly? Or impossible? Look at them again. You still have four months to get things done. What you develop now becomes part of the new you as we move towards a new beginning in January.  Let’s look at our darkness. Why do you hate the darkness, fear the darkness? Dark and light must coexist as everything in this world has both of those elements in it.  Can you at least be willing to accept that there may be some darkness in you?

Eventually we need to let go.  Let it all go.  Release our outer shell and expose our naked selves-gnarly trunks and all!   We all have our darkness, our shadows, imperfections, flaws.  But our scars are what make us beautiful, vibrant, interesting, real.

Don’t miss autumn’s spiritual importance for you. Plan a date with yourself.  Your light, dark, beautiful, ugly, evil, good, mean, kind, self.  Silence your cell phone and walk through the leaves. Just this once-Don’t take any photos. Live in the moment. Observe. Use all of your senses-stay present, mindful.  What do you see, hear, smell, feel? Walk, do not think too much-just be.  Be with yourself, accept yourself at this moment, just as you are.

Our stories are told in our darkness and our light.  Embrace the darkness, walk through the mud, brave the storm, face the fear and do it anyway.  The gift is rebirth.

Set an intention for your yoga practise:  I am willing to accept my darkness and my light.

 - Written by Pina Marino



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Perks to being a 1 year member

Do you feel tired, stressed, unhappy with your weight, physical pain and/or unmotivated to get out of bed in the morning?

Are you frustrated by the amount of money and energy you’ve invested on methods that have given you false hope, are not sustainable and often leave you feeling worse than when you started?

What if there was a low-cost, high-return solution that can address most, if not all the challenges you currently face. Would it be worth reading on and learning more?

At Healthletica we are real people just like you. We have felt your pains and understand your frustrations. It is because of these pains and frustrations that we have put together the resources needed, backed by top experts and a supportive community, to positively influence how you look, feel and perform each and every day.

We have put thought and love into all we do, including the memberships we offer you.

Our 1 year membership has been created with powerful intentions. We ask you to make a commitment because we understand that change takes time and dedication. By saying yes to our 1 year membership, you are saying yes to taking action and making a commitment to create a better version of yourself.

This investment in your health comes with all the tools you need to make change possible, PLUS a few awesome perks

  • Unlimited yoga for the lowest price – we know you work hard for your money, so we work hard to make this healthy lifestyle choice affordable (and add extra value as you’ll see reading further).
  • A 60 day hold period – we know life gets in the way so we want to offer you a membership that is as flexible as you aspire to be. Feel free to put this membership on hold for up to 60 days or split it into two 30 day periods if need be.
  • 8 FREE guest passes – we want you to be able to share your awesome yoga experience with those closest to you, so you’ll receive 8 FREE hot yoga cards to hand out to your family and friends.
  • FREE access to our Functional Training classes – if you are looking to take your fitness and health to the next level, we have a safe and effective approach for you. Check out our online schedule for dates and times.
  • FREE access to our Meditation classes – we all need a break from the chitter chatter that takes place upstairs. Our meditation classes will allow you to breathe, quiet your mind and begin to rewire your brain so you are better equipped to deal with daily life stressors. Check out our online schedule for dates and times.
  • 10% off apparel and merchandise – this includes yoga mats and towels, clothing, water bottles, mat cleaner and more!
  • 10% off workshops and events – from time to time we bring you some educational and fun workshops. Keep your eyes posted in the studio, on our Facebook page and blog for when the next one hits Healthletica.

If the above sounded like a whole lot of blah, blah, blah, maybe this limited time offer might perk up your ears!

From Sept 12 to Oct 15, 2017 purchase our 1 year membership at $90/month (regular $95/month) and receive all the perks listed above…

+ a FREE Healthletica tank top OR water bottle

+ a FREE 30min nutrition consult with Jennifer

+ a FREE 30min exercise consult with Rosie

EARLY BIRD OFFER: Be one of the first 8 people to buy into the above offer and receive a FREE yoga kit (includes; yoga mat, yoga mat cleaner, Healthletica glass water bottle + Healthletica tank top – valued over $100). Only 8 yoga kits to give away, so act fast!

Purchase this limited time offer in studio.

Are you already a 1 year member with us but want to take advantage of this great offer? Renew your membership early and receive all the above perks. Just send us an email letting us know you’d like to take advantage of this offer and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you are interested in learning more about our other membership and class pass options, click here for some great info that will guide you in the right direction with us.

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Solar Eclipse

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life” - Jessica Lanyadoo When the disc of the moon completely covers the sun during daylight hours, we call this a Total Eclipse of the Sun. Technically, the three celestial bodies Earth, Moon and Sun become completely aligned. Through the ages, this spectacular and dramatic event was seen as a ‘bad omen” by anyone who experienced it. Imagine how terrifying it would have felt to have complete darkness in the middle of the day! Although some would say that any emotional reactions to the event are psychological-astrologically, it is believed that the solar eclipse affects our energy-body, mind and soul. This one in particular, in the fiery sign of Leo, will ignite many emotional fires and their energies can be felt for the next six months. You may feel your own energy shift, feel a bit out of sorts or feel more sensitive to the energy of those around you. Any issues that get triggered around this time can feel that much more potent. Please practice self-care and put your supports in place. Don’t skimp on the yoga this week and don’t be surprised if your shivasana brings tears of release. Reports of unusual animal reactions to solar eclipses date back centuries. Birds stop singing, crickets start chirping and flowers begin to close. One of the earliest stories comes from Italian monk Ristoro d’Arezzo, who described what happened during a total eclipse on June 3, 1239. As the sun disappeared and the sky turned dark, “all the animals and birds were terrified; and the wild beasts could easily be caught,” he wrote. During an eclipse seen in Portugal on August 21, 1560, astronomer Christoph Clavius wrote that during totality, “stars appeared in the sky and (marvellous to behold) the birds fell down from the sky to the ground in terror of such horrid darkness.” Anecdotal evidence suggests that orb-weaving spiders destroy their webs during an eclipse and then create them again once the eclipse is over. Scientists have recently created an app called, Life Responds, which they hope the public will use to observe and report animal behaviour thus enhancing their studies. How much of an eclipse will Canadians see? Canadians will see a partial eclipse, with the western coast seeing the most dramatic coverage of the sun. Canadians in Victoria will see as much as 91 per cent of the sun go dark, giving them the best view in the country, according to the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC). Vancouver residents are close behind at 88 per cent. The eclipse will move east afterward, giving those in Regina about 80 per cent of an eclipse, and those in Edmonton, Winnipeg and Toronto 70 to 75 per cent coverage. Ottawa and Montreal will see a 60 to 70 per cent partial eclipse. Those further east in Quebec City, Halifax and St. John’s will be 60 per cent or less. REMEMBER:  LOOKING DIRECTLY AT THE SUN DURING AN ECLIPSE CAN CAUSE SERIOUS EYE DAMAGE A Solar Eclipse is really about awakening; new beginnings; resetting your life or the areas in your life that you are willing to change.  It is also a powerful time of healing and rebirth. Here are some affirmations for the Solar Eclipse according to Astrological Signs: Many Moons, 2017, Vol 2: July-December Repeat the affirmation many times throughout your day and meditate on its meaning for you,  particularly during your shivasana. Aries: My power to adapt allows me to grow at my own pace Taurus: There is enough room for everyone’s success Gemini: My voice is a powerful tool and I can use it to heal Cancer: Dance and movement help me channel my connection to the Divine Leo: I am a creator. I determine what I am willing to experience Virgo: I honour my future with a willingness to change: I release the things that are no longer serving me Libra: I am open to the flow of my life; I can learn from any life experience Scorpio: Collaboration helps me build my dreams without my ego getting in the way Sagittarius: I give to others from a place of abundance within myself and am fed by the act of giving Capricorn: ‘A ship is safe in harbour, but that’s not what ships are for’  W.G.T. Shedd Aquarius: I am willing to carry the responsibility of my wisdom and priviledge Pisces: I am willing to see the truth of the dark and the light Be good to yourselves all beautiful sensitive souls-practice self-love and don’t be afraid to feel the magic. - Written by Pina Marino

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Rejuvenate this summer

The warm weather has arrived and it seems like everyone gets busy as we try to fit everything in that we want to do before the weather is gone again. Parties, BBQ’s, cottages, hiking, swimming, etc.  As fun as this all is, it’s still important to take time for yourself.

Generally, as women we are always giving and taking care of things and people. This often creates a feeling of ‘being selfish’ when we decide to take the time to care for ourselves. This shouldn’t be the case given that taking care of yourself is very important on a physical and mental level.

Yoga is a practice that most of think of as “on your mat”, but Yoga can be brought into your life as a lifestyle.  Here are some helpful tips for practicing self kindness and self love so you can easily rejuvenate this summer.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  With the heat and being active it’s very important to keep hydrated. If there’s a day you feel tired, sluggish and have no energy, start with some water. You can always add some fresh fruits and veggies for extra vitamins and flavour.

Breathe. Coming back to your breath, especially during stressful times. Taking deep breaths helps to calm the nervous system, reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

Be in nature. If you work in an office or where there’s fluorescent lights, try to get outside on your breaks for a little walk or have lunch outside. Feel the sunshine, feel the wind, listen to the birds, look at the sky and you will instantly feel better. Being in nature is healing.

Eat clean. Sometimes we’re in such a rush that we don’t make the healthiest food selections. Keep in mind that it’s just as fast to grab a piece of fruit and/or nuts as it is to grab a granola bar or fast food.

Relax with a bath. Use epsom salts in your bath to detoxify the body and relax your muscles. You can also add essential oils to help reduce stress and improving your mood.

These are just a few tips to help you stay healthy throughout the summer. Wishing you a wonderful summer full of relaxation and rejuvenation.

- Michelle, Yoga Instructor at Healthletica


Are you in search of something to do this summer that can help you to relax and rejuvenate?

Join Michelle and Carol at their Summer Rejuvenation Day Retreat on Saturday, July 22nd from 10am-4pm. It’s only 30-40 mins from Bolton and the beautiful setting is well worth the drive!

Please see the posters at Healthletica for more info.

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